secOutlook Overview

secOutlook Overview

Why is security software for Email important?

Organizations must protect sensitive digital data from getting into the wrong hands. Every day, people are using Microsoft Outlook to email file attachments to people outside of the organization. If your organization is using Microsoft Outlook combined with Microsoft Exchange, there is no good way to audit the details of email attachments.
Squadra Technologies secOutlook software is Windows security software that runs on your company’s workstations and servers. secOutlook is implemented as a Microsoft Office Outlook Application AddIn. secOutlook captures the full path names of the email attachments and logs this information into the local secOutlook event log. Along with the complete file names of the attachments, the sender and all the receivers (i.e. To, CC and BCC) of the email are collected into the secOutlook event log. The secOutlook event log can then be used for security audits.

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We searched around for a solution like secRMM and couldn't quite find the right fit.  secRMM is exactly what we were looking for.

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