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The growth and success of Squadra’s Partners is central to our business strategy. For Squadra to realize our objectives and ultimately for our valued Partners to increase their profitability we created our TEAM Partner Program. The TEAM Partner Program was designed to ensure increased profitability to participating TEAM Partners by providing aggressive discount points, generous registration rebates, volume incentive rebates, sales performance incentive funds (“SPIFs”), technical support, live interactive client demonstrations, NFR software, and technical and sales staff training.

1) DISCOUNT POINTS. TEAM Partners will see a high return on their investment (“ROI”) due to the significant discount points offered in the initial Reseller Agreement.
2) VOLUME INCENTIVE DISCOUNTS. TEAM Partners can receive further discounts by achieving volume requirements.
3) DEAL REGISTRATION INCENTIVE REWARDS. TEAM Partners can register major deals thereby obtaining additional incentive rewards and locking in purchase prices.
4) SPIFs. Sales Representatives of TEAM Partners will be rewarded for selling Squadra Technologies’ solutions.
5) TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Squadra’s dedicated technical staff is readily available to answer basic to highly sophisticated inquiries. TEAM Partners can reach out to Squadra’s technical staff or refer clients to them directly.
6) LIVE INTERACTIVE DEMONSTATIONS. For the convenience of TEAM Partners live and interactive demonstrations are available. This is in addition to instructional videos and screenshots on
7) NOT FOR RESALE SOFTWARE (“NFR”). NFR software licenses are available to TEAM Partners to be used to introduce, train and educate clients, reps, and support staff.
8) TECHNICAL STAFF TRAINING. The ease of product installation and integration make training TEAM Partners technical staff simple. There is no need for TEAM Partners staff to obtain labor intensive software certification.
9) SALES STAFF TRAINING. Squadra provides TEAM Partners marketing and sales informational materials. Included in this material is comprehensive product and pricing information. In addition, online training, product brochures, white papers and blog posts/newsletters are available to enhance the selling experience.

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