secRMM Overview

secRMM Overview

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Why is security software for Removable Media Devices important?

Whether you are a CEO, IT Executive, IT Systems Administrator or IT security officer, one of your outstanding primary objectives is to avoid a Wikileaks-style incident in your environment.  Today, USB security should be a fundamental consideration for all corporations, government branches and military organizations given the recent events happening in our world.  The use of Removable Media Devices has become so prevalent today that the threat of having intellectual property, sensitive information and other valuable data lost, damaged or stolen is quite alarming.

In addition to Wikileaks events, other threats such as disgruntled employees, terminated employees or employees who inadvertently take sensitive data off premises can cost your organization.  In a military or government environment, it could cost the security of the people you are protecting.  In a corporate environment, it could cost the success of your company or have a detrimental monetary toll.  Additionally, security for Removable Media Devices is important in ensuring that your company adheres to data protection laws.   This means that any personal information that is stored in your system - about employees or clients - should be kept safe.

The conundrum IT environments face with Removable Media Devices (external hard drives, USB sticks, smart phones, writable CD/DVD) is that they are productivity aids to well-intentioned employees or personnel.  

Why is secRMM the right solution for you?

In a perfect world, you would want the computers in your environment to be protected from malicious Removable Media incidents while still allowing proper use of them as productivity aids.  This is where secRMM comes in.  secRMM protects your data from unauthorized use by employees and hackers alike.  secRMM is very easy to deploy and integrate into your existing security strategy.  For more technical details on the secRMM software, please read more.

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